Marie Tatham


marieMarie oversees all conveyancing transactions to ensure all safety checks are done, documents are accurate, conditions met, proceeds distributed as directed and settlements occur on the due date.

Marie personally handles complex conveyancing matters, deceased estate, related party transfers, family court consent transfers, subdivision applications and statutory declarations.

With over 25 years experience in the settlement industry, Marie can assure her clients that they will always get professional, skilled and knowledgeable service.

As several of these years have been spent in the Bunbury and Toodyay areas, she provides a wealth of experience in effecting settlements in WA country areas from large farms to small cottages on town sites.

In the most recent years, Marie has worked for boutique to large Perth City conveyancing companies enhancing her settlement experience in large subdivisions, strata developments, commercial real estate and general house settlements.

Further enhancing her leadership, communication and negotiating skills, Marie has also worked in Managerial positions after gaining a Degree in Education in 1995.

Everest trek Nepal Oct Nov 2014 203                     P1030101


Marie’s interests are trekking in wilderness areas and country living. Above photos were taken during my travels in Nepal in 2014.