Deceased estates

After the death of a loved one, Alpha Conveyancing & Settlement Solutions can help you through this difficult time. We specialise in:

  • Transfer by survivorship – if owners are shown as joint tenants on the title and one dies the title is transferred by survivorship with a statutory declaration and death certificate as evidence.
  • Transfer by transmission – if owners are shown as tenants in common and/or both owners have died, Probate is applied for through a solicitor and then taken to settlement agent to prepare Transfer by transmission, statutory declaration and death certificate/s, documents are signed by the executor of the estate.
  • Transfer signed by Administrator – if the owners are incapacitated, a SAT is applied for through the courts and the transfer for the sale is signed by the administrator on behalf of the owners. Statutory declaration and original SAT order is required as evidence.
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    Property Transfers

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