Conveyancing Updates

October 23, 2015 Uncategorized 0 Comments Alpha newsletter

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What is title insurance? Why do I need it?

June 19, 2015 Uncategorized

  Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects you against loss that could result from defects in the title of the property you are buying. The premium is paid only once and is good until the property’s ownership changes.…

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New Year News

February 6, 2015 General News 0 Comments

Marie , our Licensee, travelled to Bhutan in April. Bhutan is a small country of mountains with a philosophy of "Gross National Happiness". What is that you may ask? Measuring national prosperity according to levels of happiness rather than fiscals.  October saw Marie…

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Settlements Agents and Buying a House

December 8, 2014 Uncategorized

Buying a house is a big step, and definitely not one to be taken lightly. Perhaps you know exactly what you want from your property: an investment, first home, anything. But there are others who just don’t know where to…

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Settlements Agents and Selling Your House

November 19, 2014 Settlements, Uncategorized

You may have thought that the initial purchase of the house was difficult, but the selling of the house is just as hard. Firstly, you need to ask yourself: is it the right time to sell? This is a big…

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Buying an Investment Property

November 4, 2014 Investment Property

When you already have your personal property, buying an investment property is the next step in the housing market. The first step to getting involved in the investment community is to ensure your finances are in order. You need to…

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